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Are you feeling the fog?  Have you noticed a lack of focus or trouble staying alert?  Nootropics can help with this!  They are a natural supplement that is used to enhance cognitive brain function.

We often think of supplements as aiding us in our fitness journey, but this is an excellent supplement to incorporate into your daily routine to improve your overall life.

Our Nootropics supplement contains multiple proven ingredients to aid in increasing focus, alertness, memory, and mental clarity.

Notable ingredients include…

Bacopa Monnieri (leaf) - an herb with a long history of use as a Nootropic.  It’s commonly used in Ayurvedic medicine and more recently has been studied and found to increase the ability to learn and remember.

Lion’s Mane - a mushroom known for its medicinal properties.  Containing a strong level of antioxidants, it’s been studied for its ability to fight inflammation.  Studies have also shown it to increase memory and recognition.

B12 - a vitamin responsible for aiding in the health of your blood and nerve cells as well as helping create DNA.  Studies show that since the brain is the most metabolically active organ in the body there is a strong conection between it and B vitamins, so a deficiency in B12 could mean a decline in cognitive performance.

Rhodiola Rosea (root) - a plant that is considered to be an aptogen, a stimulant of the body’s defense against stressors.  Studies have shown that Rholiola Rosea may help increase physical performance and reduce mental fatigue.

Fight the fog!



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