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Finally, a quick, painless, and amazingly delicious way to supercharge your diet!

Do you hate broccoli?  Are you too busy to prepare a proper meal?  You’re not alone.

Shredding body fat, getting stronger, and transforming your body and mind like never before all start with a healthy diet!  Unfortunately, vegetables are expensive, hard to prepare tastefully, and grown with GMO’s and pesticides that wreak havoc on our bodies.

Lucky for you, we make it easy for you to consume your daily dose of micronutrients with every nutrient-dense scoop of Veritas Greens.  One dose of Veritas Greens feeds your body with multiple servings of superfoods that have powerful effects on your overall health.

When you provide your body with the essential nutrients it craves you’ll look better, feel better, and perform better.  And it doesn't get much easier than this!


Jam-Packed With Healthy Superfoods That You Can Drink Anywhere And In Just Minutes A Day!


What can our Greens do for you?

  • Fill the gaps of a so-called “healthy” diet
  • Naturally boost energy levels
  • Give multiple servings of vegetables in every scoop
  • Mix easily and conveniently
  • Cleanse, detoxify, and support a healthy immune system
  • No more struggling to down multiple servings of vegetables a day
  • Less expensive trips to the grocery store
  • Less food prepping

What sets our greens apart from other products on the market?

  • Amazing taste
  • NO pesticides or harmful chemicals
  • NO synthetic preservatives
  • ALL Organic
  • Delicious in shakes, smoothies, and baked goods alike


Skip The Produce Isle And Get In Your Daily Micronutrients With A Delicious, Easy-To-Drink, Blend Of Veritas Greens


The Veritas Organic Greens Formula:

  • Organic Kale
Kale is nutrient-rich containing tons of micronutrients, antioxidants, and other vitamins and minerals that are extremely important for human health (1). Kale is packed full of vitamin A, K, C, potassium, calcium, magnesium, fiber, and phytochemicals (1). The antioxidants in Kale capture free radicals, reducing the likelihood of developing diseases such as cancer (1).
  • Organic Wheatgrass 
Wheatgrass is high in antioxidant enzymes, vitamins, and minerals that have anti-cancerous properties (2). It’s alkaline pH also has anti-cancerous properties (2). Wheatgrass contains amino acids and enzymes which are important ingredients for maintain healthy living conditions within the body (3). This creates a healthier environment for the body to burn fat and build muscle.
  • Organic Oat Grass
Oat Grass is what where your Oatmeal most likely comes from. Oat Grass is rich in dietary fibers and phytochemicals, and has strong nutritional value (4). It has a wide range of health benefits from improving gut health, reducing the risk of heart disease, and controlling weight (5). This is a great ingredient for losing weight as well as building muscle, as it strengthens your digestive system, helping your body assimilate the nutrients from the remainder of your diet.
  • Organic Barley Grass
Barley Grass may as well be one of the most powerful superfoods out there, as it contains a large number of micronutrients. This long list of functional ingredients has positive effects on sleep, fighting diabetes, regulating blood pressure, boosting immunity, protecting and detoxifying the liver, fight inflammation, reducing the risk of cardiovascular and chronic diseases, and so much more (5). Instead of boring you with all of the incredible things Barley Grass can do for your body, we suggest simply trying it for yourself.
  • Organic Spinach 
This superfood is a staple in most anyone’s diet. It’s antioxidant benefits may fight high fat and cholesterol from diet-inducing oxidative stress (7). It’s diverse nutritional profile promotes many healthy functions within the body and also helps to prevent macromolecular oxidative damage (8). In short, it helps to prevent cancer, boosts metabolism, fights inflammation, and has many antioxidant properties. Seriously, don’t sleep on spinach.
  • Organic Broccoli 
Broccoli is also called a “health-promoting food” due to its high content of bioactive phytochemicals (9). These chemicals play a role in the prevention of chronic diseases and fighting cancer (9). It’s high fiber content is also important for digestive health, especially in diets high in protein.
  • Organic Alfalfa 
Alfalfa has positive effects on blood glucose and lipid levels (10). Consuming alfalfa significantly reduces sugar, cholesterol, and un-healthy fats in the body (10). This increases the potential for burning fat.
  • Organic Spirulina
Spirulina became popular when NASA began using it as a dietary supplement for astronauts (11). Spirulina is incredible at strengthening the immune system and also exhibits anti-inflammatory properties that have anti-cancer, anti-viral, and anti-allergic effects (11).



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