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+ Nutrition Guide

Get your hands on a Signed hard copy version of the revolutionary program that started it all — #ARMageddon1.0 including a done-for-you, simple and easy to follow guide designed to maximize all the work you’re doing. Prepare to achieve the lean, head-turning physique you’ve been dreaming of and say goodbye to guesswork...forever!

 But even after achieving so much on and off of the field, and over 20 years of grinding in the gym, there was still one thing I had left to achieve...GETTING BIGGER ARMS. 

When I played in the NFL, people would always ask me the same question. "As fit as you are, why do you wear long sleeves when you play? I've never really shared this with anyone else, but I felt like I had something to hide. WELL NOT ANYMORE!

Over my 10 year NFL Career I worked alongside the greatest strength and conditioning coaches in the entire world, as well as the world's top athletes. Based on that experience, my knowledge of exercise science, and my obsession to get bigger arms, I've been able to formulate a program that will not only increase the size, but also the strength and shape of your arm...GUARANTEED!

12 weeks of 


for the price of 1 personal training session

When you invest in yourself, and purchase #ARMageddon, you are getting nearly 30 unique workout sessions, a program to keep you going for 12 weeks, for the price of just one personal training session. 

 Plus, with exercise explainer videos and a world class program, you'll be getting more out of your workouts than ever before. Skip the personal trainer, I'll be with you every step of the way!

 I've got the science, the motivation, and most importantly the plan. The only thing missing is your commitment... 

 So don't leave for tomorrow, what can be done today. #ARMageddon is coming, will you be ready?

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Armageddon + Signed physical copy + Nutrition Guide

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"This program is legit and pushes you to the limit. Can't wait to complete it then I'm doing it in reverse!!!! That's my goal! Thank you Steve Weatherford for making this not just an "arm program" but a life changing program!!"

Joe Caputo - Long Island,New York

"ARMageddon isn't just for men. I'm proof that a woman can obtain results in a short period of time. The program is laid out with such detail of every exercise that it makes it extremely easy to follow. By far the best program I have used to accomplish my personal goals." 

Heather Lyn - Colonia, New Jersey

"Best program hands down I've ever followed. The simplicity and organization is what has had me sold. I push myself each morning and the pump I get is incredible. There are some days I have such a pump going, I can't move my arms." 

Mike D'Angelo - Olney,Maryland

#ARMageddon displays beautifully on your phone, tablet, e-reader, laptop, or can also be easily printed off if you are a fan of a more traditional approach! 

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Armageddon + Signed physical copy + Nutrition Guide

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