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#ARMageddon Ultimate Bundle

Are You Ready To Unleash Your Arms With The #ARMageddon Ultimate Bundle — At Over 50% Off?

For this week's contest, I'm slashing the price on the #armageddon ultimate bundle like never before.

The Ultimate Bundle Includes:

#ARMageddon 1

The world’s bestselling arm program...ever.#ARMAgeddon was born out of my own inability to crack the code to create arms that make a statement — and did we ever.

#ARMageddon 2

We took everything to the next level using blood flow restriction training. Prepare to go from mortal...to super-human!

Bicep Blasters

The must have tool to ensure perfect form and technique... and enhance your results from every exercise.

Blood Flow Restriction Bands

Blood flow restriction bands are designed to optimize growth, and take your arm training to a whole new level.

Say Goodbye To Ever Wondering If Your Arm Routine Is Going To Work...The Code Has Been Cracked And Is Now Yours!

You now have everything you need to build arms that turn heads and get noticed, without any more guesswork.  The #ARMageddon Ultimate Bundle is your ticket to the biggest, baddest, strongest arms on the planet.

Are you Ready?

I'm ready to unleash my arms...and never look back!

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