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#ARMAgeddon 1.0 

The world’s bestselling arm program...ever. #ARMAgeddon was born out of my own inability to crack the code to create arms that make a statement — and did we ever. You’ll never be the same, prepare to turn heads everywhere you go. 

#ARMAgeddon 2.0 

The response to the original #ARMAgeddon was so massive, I had to create another one. We took everything to the next level using Blood Flow Restriction Training. Prepare to go from super-human!

BFR Bands 

Advanced training means killer results. Blood Flow Restriction bands were designed to take you from mere superhuman. Everyone’s going to be asking you for the ‘secret.’

Bicep Blasters 

The Bicep Blaster is the secret weapon in your arsenal to give you a pump others have only dreamed of. #ARMageddon nation loves the blasters...for good reason.

#ARMageddon Fat Bar Grips 

Nothing says strong arms like vein defining forearms with the grip to match. Mix up every part of your training and keep your arms guessing while supercharging your results with our custom Fat Bar Grips.

#ARMageddon Feeder Bands 

Variety is the name of the game, and the #ARMageddon feeder bands take your bicep and tricep training to a whole new level.

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