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Fit on Fast Food Guide E-Book
Fit on Fast Food Guide E-Book
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Load image into Gallery viewer, Fit on Fast Food Guide E-Book

Fit on Fast Food Guide E-Book

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Your Answer To Staying Fit On Fast Food

Do you find yourself on the road a lot bouncing from one place to another?  Are you too busy to cook?  Does this sound familiar?  You finally cave and visit the fast food drive-through only to painstakingly stare at the menu unable to decide what item is the lesser of two evils.  Those of us who care about our health have all been there.  This ultimate fast food restaurant guide was designed with exactly you in mind!

In an ideal world, we would cook all our own healthy meals with the best of ingredients, but none of us live in an ideal world.  That’s where we come in.  We’ve taken the guesswork out of eating on the go without compromising your metabolism.

The guide…

  • Includes choices from all major fast food chains as well as regional ones
  • Gives options for each body type: endomorphic, ectomorphic, and mesomorphic, making this the perfect companion guide to the 30 Day Metabolic Reset
  • Breaks down the Fat, Carb, and Protein content of each suggested menu item so you can better understand why
  • Is easy to navigate and eliminates decision fatigue


  • It’s your answer to burning fat while still eating conveniently
  • It’s a time saver for those of us who live busy, hectic lives
  • It takes ALL the guesswork out of finding something on a fast food menu you can eat
  • It will help you choose your meals based on your body type, which will ultimately keep your metabolism burning fat on auto-pilot when paired with a workout program
  • It will give you the peace of mind knowing you are making wise choices and staying on track even when eating on the go


Fit on Fast Food

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