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My name is Steve Weatherford. After 10 years in the NFL and winning the Super Bowl, fitness experts named me the "Fittest Man in the National Football League.
After the release of #ARMageddon 1.0, I immediately began researching ways to take it to the next level. I tried everything, and I mean everything. 
And then, I stumbled upon Bodybuilding's Best Kept Secret – Blood Flow Restriction Training.
My first exposure to Blood Flow Restriction was in 2009, while playing for the New York Jets. One of my teammates was rehabbing a reconstructed knee after a complete “blowout” of his ACL, MCL, and PCL.
Later I learned BFR training was great not only for injuries but also for building massive arms
So I decided to give it a try while simultaneously tracking my results over an 18 week period.
The physical results were incredible, but the most impressive part of the entire process was gradually and consistently seeing the increases in IGF-1 Growth Hormone and a substantial increase in my androgen testosterone levels. 
To explain further, when incorporating BFR, the amount of weight used is drastically reduced from the normal range 65-70% of 1 RM (Repetition Maximum) to 20-30%. I was able to achieve this increase all while also achieving the same hypertrophic metabolic response.
All of these benefits inspired me to create a program centered around my new found excitement for the effectiveness of Blood Flow Restriction training. I spent the following 4 months developing the most effective integration of this training modality into my 19 years of experience weight training and collegiate education in Kinesiology (exercise science) at the University of Illinois.
Based on that experience, my knowledge of exercise science, and my obsession to get bigger arms, I've been able to formulate a program that will not only increase the size, but also the strength and shape of your arm...GUARANTEED!
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